2017 Ford Escape Review

I have to kick off this review by telling you two things. First, I only got to drive this SUV for a week. I was provided with a 2017 Ford Escape for a week while I was vacationing in Orlando, Florida. Secondly, I am biased, because I love Ford. According to a guy from California I know, all Texans love Ford. I don’t know if this is true, but I do. Just look how happy I look in the Ford Escape! We’re glowing, granted it’s the lighting. Road trip in the 2017 Ford Escape

I had a Ford Explorer that exceeded 250K miles and it is still going with its new owner, Noah. When I bought it brand new, my 1st new car ever, it only had 17 miles. So by my math, that is pretty impressive.

Going into my Ford loan for the week I was excited. I could not wait to find out what I thought about the 2017 Ford Escape, but I was quickly disappointed when I wasn’t given the model with all the bells and whistles. I wanted all the perks, but I had to settle for some of the perks. Despite not having all the extra features I found that I was pleasantly surprised to see what the vehicle did have.

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2017 Ford EscapeSo, all though they didn’t give me a fully loaded Escape the one they did give me was great. In fact, it got better gas mileage than the one my friend Kendra drove around, which was of course was fully loaded. I personally don’t mind giving up a few things for better gas mileage. I was in a SE model that was Canyon Ridge Metallic aka burnt orange and costs $31,400.

2017 Ford Escape navigation screen at night2017 Ford Escape SE

Right off the bat, I was happy with a handful of things when we picked up the Escape at the airport. First, the trunk is a nice size and we easily fit all of our luggage into it. Second, the dash and navigation touch screen display is well lit at night. On the navigation, the current speed limit is displayed, along with the time and outside temperature. This is great for traveling. I hate it when I am driving around, unsure what the speed limit is.

2017 Ford Escape backup camera at nightThird, it was easy to sync my phone and find the hotel in the navigation. Last but not least the backup camera is in color even at night! When you arrive to get your vehicle at 1 AM, have cranky kids, and you are tired all of these things make your life simpler. The 2017 Ford Escape makes things easier for me and I appreciated that.

Driving it around Orlando for a week allowed me to find even more things I liked. One standout thing was plugins. There were 5 plugins aka a plug-in for each person that can fit into the SUV. These days, everyone has a phone it seems and if they don’t, they have some sort of other electronic device. Everyone needs to charge all the time and in the Escape, everyone can!

2017 Ford Escape touchscreenAnother thing that stood out to me was the touch display screen. On the touch display screen, I could get directions, check the local movie listings, check ski conditions, fuel prices, and more.

Ford Escape Titanium versus SE

Kendra and I meet up in front of Sea World Orlando and got to do a side by side comparison of two 2017 Ford Escape models the Titanium and the SE. Some of the differences were quickly noticeable like the upgraded Sony sound system in the Titanium. While other differences were not so noticeable. What they both had in common was how solid we each felt they were. Here is the Ford Escape video:

What I liked the most about the 2017 Ford Escape

  • Lots of charging outlets
  • Household plugin in the back row
  • Backseat air
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Storage space
  • Automatic trunk door

2017 Ford Escape Video Review

Here is a quick video I put together of my favorite features in the 2017 Ford Escape.

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