8 Basic Safe Driving Tips

Experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand when it comes to driving a motor vehicle. Here are some basic safe driving tips.

It is important that the driver of any vehicle is qualified and has passed tests to handle the types of vehicles indicated in the license. Issuance of license for drivers starts from small motorcycles going up to the heaviest and monstrous off-road vehicles, depending on those that you are qualified at operating.

Being licensed in one country does not necessarily mean a license to drive in any other country. One would need a valid international driverís license to be able to drive motor vehicles in any country. That is the first safety precaution needed.

Some countries have right-hand drive as opposed to the more common left-hand drive. This alone could be a concern in driving safely! Even if one has an international driving license, there is no guaranty that one would be as a good as a driver that he or she is, from what he or she is used to the driving side. The main concern is using a different hand for gear shifting. The other concern is the flow and orientation of oncoming traffic. It is very rare for one driver to be comfortable driving on one side of the lane against the other he or she is used to. With this knowledge we have addressed safe driving tips for global driving.

8 Safe Driving Tips

The next safe driving tips we would like to address here, aside from having knowledge and experience, is familiarity with the vehicle being driven, what to check on and some alternatives. Here are some basics:

1. Do not drive a motor vehicle you are not familiar with. Many accidents happen because of this. For example, if you are not familiar with manual transmission, chances are you will be driving like a newbie.

2. Sedans, pick-ups, SUV, rear engine, mid-engine, heavy trucks and buses are driven differently in the sense of distance estimates, power, braking and maneuverability, and taking on curves. Longer vehicles will require a bigger turning radius, meaning you could even occupy the oncoming traffic lane when negotiating sharp curves.

3. Different car makes, models, editions, power and age have different reactions in driving styles and handling. Very much older cars and most, if not all, Volkswagen Beetles do not have servo-assisted brakes. This require more effort in applying the brakes!

4. Different road surfaces and conditions are taken on differently. Again this depends on the kind of vehicle you are driving. Four-Wheel drives handle better in mud, snow and off-road or rough road conditions compared to two wheel drives. Also, front-wheel drives tend to under-steer when driving fast along curves or corners.

5. Make sure all important lights and accessories are working. Safety is also being able to warn other drivers of your driving intentions. A third brake light works well for safety especially if installed higher than the regular brake lights.†

6. All tires of the vehicle should have at least fifty (50%) percent existing tread to work well on road surfaces. Tires with less than twenty-five (25%) percent tread life are not very safe to drive on under mild to harsh conditions. Make sure that the tires are those recommended for the road surface you drive on.

7. Front windshield should always be clear with the wipers and washers working perfectly. When wipers fail during rainy conditions the best alternative is rub tobacco on your windshield. It will keep it clear. If air-conditioning fails and mist needs to be wiped off frequently, used a very mild mixture of shampoo and water to wipe the glass insides. That will prevent mist from forming inside your carís glass.

8. Lastly, drive with utmost concern and care. That is the best driving tip ever. Alert eyes, ears and positive reflex reactions are the best things a driver should have to drive safely.

It would be noticed that there was no discussion here about safety driving tips in different weather and road conditions. Putting them all together in a single general driving tip guideline could be confusing. The focus here is on the basics of driving safely. Once you know and get familiar with this, it should not be difficult to learn more on other safe driving tips under different situations or conditions. Drive safely and conscientiously.

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