Zooming into the Future: The Best Car Tech of CES 2024

Hello, fellow car enthusiasts! I just got back from the future—well, sort of. I’ve just returned from CES 2024, and let me tell you, the future of cars is as bright as the Las Vegas Strip! So, buckle up as I take you on a joyride through the most jaw-dropping, circuit-bending car tech unveiled this year.

1. The Rising Star: VF 3 by VinFast

VF3 Vinfast

VinFast, the ambitious Vietnamese automaker, stole the show with their latest minielectric SUV, the VF 3. This sleek beauty isn’t just a pretty face; it packs a punch with its high-performance electric motor and cutting-edge battery technology. It’s like VinFast read our tiny EV dreams and turned them into a gorgeous, road-hugging reality. The VF 3 boasts an intuitive 10-inch-screen infotainment system, smart safety features, and a second row that can collapse to give you more room making it a strong contender in the EV market. With its eye-catching design, driving range of over 125 miles per full charge, and eco-friendly ethos, the VF 3 is a testament to VinFast’s commitment to electrifying the automotive world, one stylish SUV at a time.

2. The Honda 0 Series Saloon: A New Electric Era

Honda unveiled the 0 Series Saloon, an electric vehicle that’s as smooth as its name. This sleek saloon car merges Honda’s renowned reliability with electric efficiency, wrapped in a design that makes heads turn. It’s quiet, clean, and everything the modern driver could ask for—minus the fossil fuels.

3. Supernal’s Visionary Venture: The S-A2


Supernal introduced us to the S-A2, an urban air mobility concept that promises to redefine city travel. Picture this: a vehicle that takes off and lands vertically, glides through the air with ease, and drops you right in the heart of the city—no traffic, no stress. It’s not just transport; it’s an experience straight out of a futuristic fantasy.

4. Jackery’s Solar Power Play: The Solar Generator for Rooftop Tents


Jackery brought a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts: a Solar Generator specifically designed for Rooftop Tents. This nifty device is a boon for campers who love to blend adventure with sustainability. Imagine sleeping under the stars while your gadgets charge via the power of the sun. It’s like Mother Nature decided to give us a little techy high-five!

5. Mercedes-Benz Soars High: MBUX Virtual Assistant

Mercedes-Benz, never one to take the backseat, made a grand entrance with a few stellar innovations. The one that stood out to me was the MBUX Virtual Assistant, a tech marvel that makes Siri and Alexa look like old-school toys. This AI-powered co-pilot not only understands your commands but also your habits and preferences. Need to find the nearest vegan restaurant or adjust your massage seat? Just ask!

6. eVTOL Flying Car

eVTOL Flying Car

But hold onto your hats, because also unveiled was the eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) Flying Car. This isn’t just a car; it’s a sci-fi fantasy turned reality. Blending luxury with futuristic design, this flying wonder is poised to revolutionize urban mobility. Imagine soaring over traffic jams! It’s like having a magic carpet, but with that irresistible new car smell.

7. Pebble Flow Travel Trailer: Your Mobile Oasis

The all-electric Pebble Flow travel trailer redefines the concept of hitting the road. This sleek, aerodynamic trailer is a haven for travelers seeking efficiency. Its solar panels and energy-efficient design make it an eco-friendly choice, while the spacious, modern interior offers the comforts of home. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a digital nomad, the Pebble Flow is your ticket to adventure because you can go 7 days with off-the-grid power.

8. LG’s Bon Voyage Camping Trailer: Smart Living on the Go

LG's Bon Voyage Camping Trailer

The last thing I thought I would see in the LG booth was a camper, but there it was. LG’s Bon Voyage camping trailer is a marvel of modern technology and design. Equipped with LG’s latest smart home appliances and entertainment systems, this trailer transforms any campsite into a high-tech retreat. Its harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and connectivity is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts.

9. VinFast’s VF Wild Concept Electric Truck: Power Meets Eco-Friendly Design

VF Wild

VinFast’s VF Wild concept electric truck is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. Combining rugged capability with environmental responsibility, this electric truck is designed to tackle any terrain while keeping its carbon footprint minimal. It’s a bold statement in the evolving world of electric vehicles.

10. John Deere’s Driverless Tractor: Farming’s High-Tech Future

John Deere's driverless tractor

John Deere’s driverless tractor is a groundbreaking development in agricultural technology. Operable via a smartphone app, this tractor brings precision and efficiency to farming tasks, revolutionizing the agricultural industry. It’s a perfect blend of traditional farming and cutting-edge tech. Although, if I am honest I don’t want a driverless tractor, they are too big not to have drivers.

11. Kia’s Trio of EVs: PV1, PV5, and PV7

Kia's Trio of EVs: PV1, PV5, and PV7

These aren’t just any cargo vans, they’re chameleons on wheels. Welcome to the era of the Electric Everything – delivery robots, robo-taxis, mobile pop-up shops, you name it. Kia’s playing mix and match with their design, and it’s all about versatility, baby. Say hello to the PV1, PV5, and PV7 – the new cool kids from the “Platform Beyond Vehicle” family, making their grand entrance at CES 2024. These vans are the Swiss Army knives of the automotive world, doing more than just carting people around. They’re ready to be whatever you need them to be – from product movers to your mobile office.

12. Sony’s Afeela EV: Gaming Meets the Road

Sony’s introduction of the Afeela EV marks a significant leap into the automotive industry. They’ve reimagined the driver-vehicle interface. The concept is rooted in Sony’s expertise in gaming and technology, promising an intuitive and engaging driving experience. The Afeela EV features a sleek, futuristic design. It’s equipped with advanced sensors and AI technology, enabling a high level of autonomy and safety features.

Final Thoughts: The Road Ahead

CES 2024 was a carousel of innovation, thanks to these visionary companies, the automotive future looks as bright as a polished chrome bumper.