Lucid Air Touring Electric Car Review

Is your love for the environment and desire for luxury in conflict when you’re thinking about getting a new car? If so, the Lucid Air Touring electric car might just be the perfect answer for you. This luxury electric vehicle boasts a new standard of performance that seamlessly blends efficiency, design, and a luxurious interior. In this blog post, we’ll go in-depth with a review of the Lucid Air Touring, highlighting its features, specs, and what sets it apart from other electric cars in the market. Read on to discover why this electric car is the perfect choice for you.

First off, let’s talk about some specs. The Lucid Air Touring boasts an impressive range of more than 500 miles – a range that’s perfect for a long road trip without needing to be charged along the way. It also has 1,080 horsepower which gives it mind-blowing acceleration. The car can hit 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph. These impressive speed and range figures make the Lucid Air Touring comparable to even the most luxurious and high-performance gas-powered cars.

It has three drive modes: Smooth, swift, and sprinter. When I switched it into Sprit mode it gave me a warning and ask me if I was sure I wanted to do that! Yes, it’s that fast!

Sleek Exterior Design

The design of the Lucid Air Touring is something worth mentioning. Its sleek and elegant exterior has a low drag coefficient, making it incredibly aerodynamic which in turn helps in the car’s range. The one I drove was  Mojave-inspired colors. The outside was black and the interior showcased the colors you would see one minute before midnight aka shades of grey.

Spacious Interior

Additionally, the car’s California cool interior rivals that of any high-end luxury car, presenting an environment that is not just comfortable but relaxing as well. The Lucid Air Touring electric car’s interior is customizable, with touches like a glass canopy roof and a cutting-edge sound system that provides the perfect complement to your driving experience.

Lucid uses ethically sourced leather with lower co2 emissions and recycled polyester that is woven into elegant textiles. For those that do not want any animal products in their cars, they offer a lightweight animal-free alternative.

For the driver, everything has been set to make you feel like the car is hugging you and they’ve created harmony between you and the vehicle by placing everything where you can touch it without having to move your body just to do it. Instead, you can focus on driving.

The car’s three screens can be customized to display your preferred information, including your speed, media, and ambient temperature. The digital dashboard is intuitive, and you can easily connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system to play music, make calls, or navigate.


Safety Features

The Lucid Air Touring has also been designed with safety features that surpass other electric cars in the market. Its 32-sensor suite provides 360-degree monitoring of the car’s immediate surroundings, ensuring maximum safety for drivers and passengers alike. The car’s hydraulic suspension and high-quality brakes also help improve performance and guarantee that drivers are safely in control at all times. The car includes advanced safety features like an adaptive cruise control system, collision avoidance, and lane departure warning. Also, the Lucid Air Touring has a surround-view camera that provides a 360-degree view of your car, making it easier to park and maneuver in tight spaces.

Lucid Air Touring in Miami


As for charging, Lucid Motors claims that the Air Touring’s battery can be charged up to 300 miles in just twenty minutes via DC fast charging. So you can confidently use it for your daily commute or longer trips without worrying about range anxiety. The charging times are a huge advantage compared to other electric cars in the market.

In conclusion, the Lucid Air Touring electric car is an innovative masterpiece that gives drivers the performance, luxury, and environmental sustainability that they want. With its cutting-edge features and impressive performance, the Lucid Air Touring is the perfect answer to the question of whether luxurious and eco-friendly can coexist in one car. The Lucid Air Touring is more than just another electric car, it sets a new standard for luxury and performance, has a comfortable and customizable interior, and is designed with driver safety in mind. So go ahead and make the switch, get yourself the Lucid Air Touring, and experience an electric car that is truly worth the investment.

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