2015 Toyota Sienna

After spending the last 7 years saying I would never ever buy another minivan I find myself eating my words after test driving a 2015 Toyota Sienna for a week last month. And it’s not like I’ve never ridden in a Sienna before. My best friend happens to own one. She loves her van, but I didn’t think much about, because I was never gonna own another minivan.

Well, now that I’ve seen the 2015 ones I am pretty sure it’s my next car. It was so freaking nice.2015 Toyota Sienna
I hunch so I was immediately thrilled with the lumbar support that I inflated to full support. Not only that but the steering wheel is heated. So nice! You can see the overall setup in the photo above. It’s a nice setup, very comfortable.
2015 Toyota Sienna
Even my kids thought it was awesome. Granted riding around watching tv on a 9” widescreen with headphones on while reclined in a leather sit with your feet up can be extremely persuasive. It didn’t hurt either that my 13 year old could plugin his Playstation 4 and game his heart out. 2015 Toyota Sienna
To see exactly what I thought and a complete walk thru the minivan check out my video.

Other things to you should know about the 2015 Toyota Sienna

  • The Toyota Sienna minivan is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine
  • Seating for up to eight people
  • Front-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional; the Sienna is the only minivan that offers this feature
  • A Blu-ray entertainment system with RCA, SD Card and HDMI inputs is available with a 16.4-inch screen.
  • Toyota’s Driver Easy Speak system, which amplifies the driver’s voice for third-row passengers, is available.

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